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Seattle customers, please make note of our new address

To better serve the needs of our customers, we're pleased to announce the relocation of our Seattle service center to

19604  84th Ave. South
Kent, WA  98032-1234

The relocation does not affect the center's service territory.

Seattle coverage map

YRC Worldwide achieved milestone, reached definitive agreements

On April 29, YRCW announced it had entered into definitive agreements with lender groups, pension funds and the Teamsters, providing for their support of a comprehensive restructuring plan designed to lay the foundation for long-term success.

The company remains on target to close the restructuring in July.

YRC Worldwide logo

Remembering those who served

As Memorial Day approaches, the people of Reddaway pay tribute to those who fell in service to our nation.

We give thanks to the men and women who continue to dedicate their lives to protecting our country.


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What's New at Reddaway

Drivers make a difference

Reddaway tractor-trailer and driver John Lopez, Reddaway coveraage area mapThat's our philosophy, and that's why Reddaway goes out of the way to retain the best drivers.

What makes a great driver? It begins with knowing the equipment, skillfully maneuvering that equipment on the streets and at customers' docks, and safely driving in all weather and road conditions.

There's more. Great drivers also know they represent Reddaway. That means treating shipments with care, working well with our customers' personnel, and coordinating with others on the Reddaway team to make sure shipments reach their destinations on time and damage-free.

There's a lot of pride in being a Reddaway driver, and it shows in their exceptional personal interactions with customers and by their satisfaction working for Reddaway. Our drivers average 13 years of service and are primary contributors to the company's long-term success.

As capacity tightens, please understand that only the highest-quality drivers meet Reddaway standards. When you think about it, that's why you choose Reddaway!

To schedule a shipment, call 1-888-420-8960, or simply go  online.

A customer had this to say . . .

Reddaway Driver Ismael Martinez"We just wanted to express our satisfaction with the delivery driver, Ismael Martinez. He was exceptionally courteous and helpful.

"We have a somewhat tricky driveway, but Ismael evaluated the situation with our input and came up with the best solution for securing our delivery, protecting our property, and getting the job done in the safest, most-efficient manner.

"He was extremely friendly and helped us unload the delivery due to the fact that use of the lift gate was not an option. It's not often that you find customer service this exceptional these days, and not usually with deliveries, but it is refreshing to find someone that still truly cares about customer service."

—Steve and Jennifer, Felton, Calif.

Great service with our northern neighbors!

Canada and U.S. flags, Reddaway coveraage area mapIf your supply chain crosses the border, it's good to know Reddaway has the network, systems, and certifications to support the smooth flow of goods.

Reddaway offers customers the most next-day lanes going to and from Canada.

We deliver 98 percent on-time service with industry-leading speed, reliability, and complete Canada coverage.

We make border crossings fast and easy. The customs clearance process begins even before your shipment reaches the border, and government approvals and certifications speed processing.

Our Canadian partner, Manitoulin Transport, operates a comprehensive network, from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island.

Online shipping forms and our trained Customer Care representatives help ensure everything is in order for the border crossing.

You'll know your shipment's status with tracking and delivery notification available through

For more information, simply complete a customer interest form or to schedule a pickup, call 1-888-420-8960.

Safety matters

Trophy, highwayWe're serious about safety. In fact, we think it's the backbone of our on-time and damage free shipping. 

Recently, we were honored with important fleet safety awards from the states of California, Colorado and Oregon. 

We are extremely proud of our drivers, who each day safely navigate through congested traffic and nature's hazards to bring shipments to you. 

Please join us in congratulating our award-winning drivers.

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News & Other Services

Reliable next-day shipping begins here

Reliable next-day shipping begins here.New ads appearing in online versions of USA Today and the Wall Street Journal and in print and online versions of Inbound Logistics, Logistics Management and Journal of Commerce remind shippers that when it comes to delivering confidence to supply chains in the West, Reddaway is the provider to call first.

Experience Reddaway next-day reliability for yourself.

Call 1-888-420-8960 or simply go to


Water wise

Car going through high waterThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is warning that half the United States is at above-average risk for flooding this spring.

Stay safe. If you see water flowing across the road, don't go there.

At highway speeds, you can lose control with as little as one inch of water on the road. Once a vehicle is lifted off the road surface, it can be pushed sideways and rolled over, trapping passengers.

Even water that is standing on the road can be dangerous, hiding wash outs and deep potholes. A better idea is to plan alternate routes and stay clear of water on roadways.

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Industry News

Conference Board index shows slight improvement in consumer confidence

people spending moneyIn its April report, The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® showed a gain from 63.8 in March to 65.4 in April.

According to Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center, "Consumer confidence, which had declined sharply in March, posted a modest gain in April. Consumers' short-term outlook improved slightly, suggesting that the uncertainty expressed last month is easing. Inflation expectations, which had spiked, retreated somewhat in April. Although confidence remains weak, consumers' assessment of current conditions gained ground for the seventh straight month, a sign that the economic recovery continues."

Safety performance at record highs

side by side trucksThe American Trucking Associations reported in April that truck-related fatalities on the nation's highways dropped in 2009, making it the industry's safest year since the government started tracking.

Data from the Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show the rate fell 14.1 percent from 2008.

Non-manufacturing sector shows growth at slower rate

people in restaurantThe Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on Business® for March 2011 revealed that key indicators continue to grow, but at a slower rate.

The Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index was 59.7 percent, down from 66.9 percent in February. The New Orders Index was 64.1 percent, down 0.3 percentage point. The Employment Index was 53.7 percent, down from 55.6 percent in February. An index reading above 50 percent indicates expansions.

Factory orders up in March

factory machineThe Commerce Department reported factory orders continued to climb for the fifth straight month.

During March, orders for manufactured goods grew three percent.

Factory shipments were up 2.7 percent, unfilled orders increased 0.8 percent, and inventories rose 1.1 percent.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Work smarter not harder with Reddaway

Woman holding laptop in front of her so screen is visible to audienceWant to get some time back in your day?

Our secure online tools make it easy to work accurately and more efficiently.

For example, when you create an online bill of lading, you can save it as a template for use with future shipments to that location.


No more time spent rekeying and reproofing information that normally doesn't change, such as addresses and phone numbers. Of course, if these do change, templates are easy to update, too.

With electronic bills of lading, you enter the information once, and that information is used to support a range of tools to help you get more done in less time:

  • Schedule a pickup
  • Print shipping labels and forms
  • Receive timely shipment tracking information

See for yourself! Register at today.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Set a goal, be willing to do the difficult and keep at it.

Tim Baird running cross countryStockton, Calif.,-based account manager Tim Baird has found success professionally and in his personal life by following that philosophy.

"I was a high school athlete and lost it. I smoked for 23 years, finally quit and watched my weight go up," Tim says. "Five years ago, I made a decision to change. I started walking with a soccer ball, then jogged. After three or four weeks, I was running a mile. A customer invited me to join their running group and then challenged me to run a half marathon." 

Since 2006, Tim has run 11 half marathons, 4 full marathons, and on March 12, competed in his first ultra-marathon (31.2 miles). "I have a goal of 10 marathons in 10 years and want to run the American River 50-Mile Endurance Run," says Tim. "I run with my daughter Maggie at my side. She travels with me any chance we get. It's really nice to have her with me."

In a similar manner, Tim's career in transportation has evolved over the years. Tim began as a professional dockworker for another transportation provider in 1989, then worked as a driver, followed by roles in operations/sales management before joining the Reddaway sales team in 2005.

In addition to the health benefits, Tim thinks his running also affects his work with customers. "Running helps me be more focused. I can maintain a level of energy that lets me work longer and smarter. It also has shown me how to manage my time." 

"Being a Reddaway account manager, I lead an active life. I enjoy the health benefits of running, and I think I've inspired others to get fit," adds Tim. "If you want to have something you've never had, you have to be willing to do something you've never done."

Tim Baird is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Reddaway.

Experience Reddaway service for yourself: To schedule your next shipment, go to or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

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A Place Reddaway Calls Home

Sacramento, Calif.

Sacramento highlighted on California map, sites of interestJohn Sutter and his landing party may have first settled in the area in 1839, but it was James Marshall's discovery of gold in 1848 that turned Sacramento into a city. Situated on the Sacramento River near its convergence with the American River, the city's waterfront location was a boon for merchants who made it their business to outfit miners with food, clothing and equipment.

The river contributed to the city's troubles as well. Severe flooding destroyed the town in 1850, 1852 and again in 1862. To diminish the likelihood of flooding, wagons full of dirt were brought in over a 10-year period, and Sacramento raised its streets on the east side of the river by as much as 14 feet.

The two rivers continue to play important roles in the city that is host to the California capitol. Folsom Dam and reservoir, 23 miles northeast of Sacramento, and miles of riverside levees remove much of the threat of flooding.

Today, recreational activities flourish alongside and in the rivers. The three forks of the American River provide a wide range of boating experiences with leisurely rafting for those seeking peace and quiet and Level 5 rapids for thrill seekers. The rivers also serve plenty of fishing and swimming fun.

Sacramento is a place Reddaway has called home since 1987. Our Sacramento service center features 32 dock doors and next-day service to virtually all of California. 

"We're pretty evenly balanced with about the same number of pickups as we have deliveries each day," says Mark Girola, service center manager. "We work about a 75-mile-radius pickup/delivery area. For example, we match up to the Stockton service center boundary on the south and go as far north as Colusa."

Recent business growth has spurred the need for additional city drivers, "We're hiring about five drivers now," adds Mark.

Mark talks with pride about the caliber of the Reddaway employees in Sacramento, "They're professional, friendly and will do anything for our customers. It's a tough business, and delivering best-in-class service means meeting customer expectations. From the clerical staff, to the dockworkers, drivers, management staff and account managers, we have good people, working hard to meet those expectations."

For more information on our Sacramento service or to schedule a shipment, talk with a Customer Care representative at 1-888-420-8960 or go online to

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