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As the next-day leader in the West, Reddaway offers comprehensive next-day service, including intra-California; on-time performance that surpasses all published industry averages; and superior, damage-free handling.

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Every shipment is a priority

The Glorious Fourth

This Independence Day, as you enjoy the picnics, parades and fireworks, we hope you'll also take a minute to remember the dedication and sacrifices of those who won and keep the freedom we enjoy today.

Fireworks spectacular

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With a single point of contact and single invoice, our Hawaii service includes pickup at origin, drayage to the Port of Long Beach, trans-ocean transportation, final delivery and everything in between.

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What's New at Reddaway

Nothing says California like Reddaway

Totally California Reddaway, tractor-trailer and driver John Lopez, Reddaway coveraage area mapFor on-time, damage-free LTL shipping, Reddaway is totally California.

"Next-day service is what we do best, and Reddaway serves 95 percent of the population of California next day," says T.J. O'Connor, Reddaway president.
Surprised? Many shippers don't realize that Reddaway offers:

  • More next-day lanes to, from and within California, including door-to-door service to Hawaii and Alaska.
  • 15 service centers throughout the state staffed by transportation professionals who know the area
  • More guaranteed and expedited options, including Guaranteed Delivery by 9 a.m., by noon and by 3:30 p.m., and two options for window delivery
  • Full service to and from the ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif.

"Before 2007, intra-California shipments were handled by our sister company, USF Bestway," explains T.J. "Since we integrated the two companies, Reddaway now offers complete service to and from California and top to bottom in the state. In fact, we have about 1,000 employees in the state focused on delivering confidence to California shippers."

"The economy is showing signs it's emerging from the recession, and we want shippers doing business in California to know we're there to help them make the most of this opportunity," adds TJ.

"Our company began in the Northwest, and customers there think of Reddaway as the best service provider. We're now in our 92nd year of operations. Our footprint is much larger, and our dedication to best-in-class service is as strong as ever."

To find out more about service to, from and within California, call 1-888-420-8960, or simply go  online.

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News & Other Services

Case Study: Keeping business blooming

Ray FujiCustomer: Color Spot Nurseries is a leading wholesaler of bedding plants, shrubs, potted plants and ground cover. They sell to thousands of retailers and commercial customers in the West and Southwest.

Challenge: Color Spot owns trucks and shipping racks for daily deliveries. However, heavy demand for their Easter and Christmas floral promotions exceeds their transportation capacity. At these times, Color Spot engages LTL providers for added capacity and to ensure on-time damage-free service to meet short delivery windows.

Persistence paid off! Reddaway account manager Ray Fuji listened to Color Spot to learn their needs. Working with his management team, Ray came back to the customer with a solution for the Color Spot Easter floral box that would address those needs.

Results: Reddaway made it happen. Even though the project launched a week ahead of schedule, Reddaway completed all 500 deliveries within the three-day window. Floral boxes arrived intact and on time for Easter sales.

An email to share--
Subject: Easter shipments

Reddaway Driver Jorge Vazquez"I wanted to send you a quick note to congratulate all of your team at Reddaway on a job well done.

"Some highlights I wanted to touch on.

"With the shorter notice than planned, you delivered successfully close to 500 orders to our clients Rite Aid, KMart and CVS.

"You outlined a pickup and delivery plan for the Salinas, Calif., dock and pulled it off. I thought the competitor had an advantage being here in Salinas, and you proved me wrong.

"The price you quoted Color Spot is what we were billed; not one surprise billing charge.

"We were able to use the Color Spot proof-of-delivery forms, and that is what our clients are used to seeing from us.

"You also had employee representation very visible, engaged and concerned about the success of this roll out.

"Ray, thanks for all your help and persistence in wanting to capture this business. You rallied the troops and got those people involved that could make it happen.

"I can't thank you enough for the assistance we received from your employee Jorge Vazquez. He may be classified as a driver, but let's be frank! Jorge made it happen. Not afraid to get in and do whatever it took to meet the deadlines. His ability to speak Spanish along with his English was priceless. He deserves a tremendous shout out for a job well done. He gave good direction to both Color Spot and Reddaway teams. He was well respected by both teams.

"Ray, again, a big thank you. And we look forward to your assistance around Thanksgiving for our Poinsettia shipments."

—Gary Costa, Color Spot

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Industry News

Exports hit historic high in April

freighter shipThe Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Commerce Department reported exports of U.S. goods and services reached $175.6 billion in April, the largest monthly total ever recorded..

Exports grew 15.9 percent or $27.8 billion. The trade deficit decreased from $46.8 billion to $43.7 billion for the month.

Industrial production up for April

factory workers on assembly lineIn its May report, the Federal Reserve said year-over-year total industrial production was up 5.0 percent for April. Parts shortages resulting from the March disaster in Japan are associated with a 0.4 percent drop in manufacturing production in April. Not including motor vehicles and parts, manufacturing production increased 0.2 percent over March. Also in the report, April mine output increased 0.8 percent, and utilities output was up 1.7 percent when compared to the prior month.

Obama uses National Transportation Week to promote infrastructure agenda

building highway overpassIn proclaiming National Transportation Week (May 15–21) and National Defense Transportation Day (May 20), President Obama positioned U.S. competitiveness as dependent on infrastructure.

"To attract new businesses to our shores, we must rebuild crumbling roads and bridges and continue to invest in the modernization of our infrastructure." He also said, "Together, we can continue the work begun by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to maintain a world-class logistics network, create new jobs and win the future for our children."

Included in the president's 2012 budget plan is a large, six-year spending program for combining rail, freight and traditional highway projects; the administration has not said how it will pay for it.

Loosening of business loan standards

bank signIn releasing its quarterly survey of senior loan officers in May, the Federal Reserve said, "The April survey indicated that, on net, bank lending standards and terms generally had eased somewhat more during the first quarter of this year," adding that this "also pointed to a more favorable or less uncertain economic outlook."

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Looking online for a submitted bill of lading?

Preview BOL page on our secure siteAs a registered user of, you can schedule pickups and submit your bills of lading (BOLs) online. To find a previously submitted BOL, go to the shipping tab and click Bill of Lading. This will take you to the Create a Bill of Lading screen. Toward the bottom of the screen is the subheading, View Submitted BOLs. In this section, click the calendar icon to the right of the date window and select the date the BOL was created; then click View. You can then view, print or work with the bill of lading.

You also can search for a bill of lading by entering information into the PRO Number, Origin ZIP, Destination ZIP or Carrier Name fields on the View Submitted BOLs screen.

Not a registered user of Sign up today and enjoy all the timesaving tools!

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Ed MacielAs an area sales director, Ed Maciel describes his job as the knot that binds the local sales team with customers, customer service, pricing and corporate sales.

"I help mediate opportunities within the company and cultivate the local sales team to grow profitable business in the Southern Oregon, Northern California and Nevada geographic area," says Ed.

"I'm not an armchair quarterback," he adds. "My favorite part of the job is being in front of customers, showing them the value Reddaway brings, and watching our account managers win the business and meet their goals. I have nothing but the utmost confidence in our team. They deserve all the credit for what we accomplish."

Ed sees his team as working hand-in-hand with customer service. "We try to build a bond with our customers. For me, that means being effective listeners to the words, body language and mood of our customers, not making assumptions and always trying to find the best Reddaway solution to meet their needs."

After more than 15 years in the operations side at other transportation companies, Ed joined the Reddaway sales team six years ago. Why Reddaway? "It's the value we bring to the market, the longstanding culture and the people. We're a slim company without a lot of layers, and it's not uncommon to have a customer say to me, 'I was on the phone the other day with T.J. [Reddaway president].' Reddaway has done so well over the years; it's a lot about trust," Ed says.

Ed Maciel is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Reddaway.

Experience Reddaway service for yourself: To schedule your next shipment, go to or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

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A Place Reddaway Calls Home

Stockton, Calif.

Stockton highlighted on California map, sites of interestEncircled by Central Valley farm country, and surrounded by thousands of miles of rivers and waterways that make up the California Delta, Stockton is an inland seaport with a deep-water channel connected to the Pacific Ocean about 90 miles away.

The city's promenade and its collection of handsome old architecture and modern design provide an attractive backdrop to canal activities.

Of course with all that water, there are lots of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy: fishing, boating, skiing and sailing.

The area also is emerging in the wine industry. Noted for its old-vine zinfandels, the Lodi Wine Country is just 12 miles away and home to 70 wineries.

And then there is the annual Stockton Asparagus Festival, voted one of the best food festivals in the West. The festival pays tribute to this epicurean delicacy with popular rides and musical performances. In addition, the event's charitable activity, Canstruction®, features sculptures built entirely out of donated canned goods, which later find their way to the Stockton Food Bank. And Asparagus Alley serves thousands of pounds of fresh-cut asparagus—fried, steamed or sautéed into a wide range of different and unique dishes—throughout the festival.

Reddaway calls Stockton home to its 34-door service center. A distribution hub for Northern California, the Stockton center provides next-day service to Los Angeles and San Diego.

"It's a fast-paced work environment," says service center manager Linc Boyd. "We want to be the best, fastest-growing service provider. We refused to participate in the recession, and last month was our busiest May ever."

Linc gives credit to the team, "Our customer service group has excellent telephone skills, our dispatchers have spearheaded quality improvement programs which have helped us increase business, our local sales team gets a lot of support, and our drivers and dockworkers work tirelessly. We're hiring like crazy right now, but we're very selective. If you don't cut the mustard, you're cut loose."

It's that attitude, shared by all the Stockton employees, which led the service center to earn the Reddaway Terminal of the Year Award two years in a row in the Class B size designation. The award recognizes outstanding performance in a company known for consistently high service standards.

For more information on our Stockton service, or to schedule a shipment, talk with a Customer Care representative at 1-888-420-8960 or go online to

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