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With a single point of contact and single invoice, our Hawaii service includes pickup at origin, drayage to the Port of Long Beach, trans-ocean transportation, final delivery and everything in between.

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What's New at Reddaway

Paying dividends

Reddaway employees, Confidence Delivered, Reddaway tractor-trailer, Reddaway coveraage area mapJust to be clear, there's no check in the mail, but the groundwork we accomplished over the past few years is paying other kinds of dividends to our customers: more next-day and two-day options, consistent on-time and damage-free service, and improved online capabilities to name just a few.

Our timing is right on. As the nation closed out 2010, U.S. manufacturing experienced the fastest expansion in seven months, according to the Institute for Supply Management. Consumer spending increased with retail holiday sales up 5.5 percent over the prior year, as reported by MasterCard Advisors' SpendingPulse. Even auto dealers saw improving demand.

As the economy continues to strengthen, our transportation professionals are dedicated to providing the reliable service you need for your supply chain so that your production lines keep moving and your customers remain happy with your service.

To bring Confidence Delivered® to your business, visit our website or call 1-888-420-8960.

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News & Other Services

Balancing inventory levels and customer service

Thermometer showing low temperatures, men foldering cargo quilt, Reddaway logo, snowy highwayIt's a struggle. Inventory sitting in your warehouse is expensive; however, reduce inventory levels too low and you may run into customer service issues.

A good strategy? Ship with Reddaway. We're built for next-day service. We add flexibility to your supply chain so that you can maintain lower safety stock levels or follow lean manufacturing strategies and still meet customer needs.

Reddaway delivers more than 50 percent of shipments next-day, making it a next-day service leader in the region. We also have more next-day lanes from the western United States into western Canada than any other LTL provider.

Managing inventory levels down puts extra pressure on intact and damage-free deliveries. Again, Reddaway is the answer. Our 0.8 percent claims ratio is well below industry averages and gives you the confidence you need.

So while other transportation providers might be able to offer next-day service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Reddaway also can deliver reliable next-day service from Eugene to Vancouver, Burlington to Missoula, and Roseburg to Oakland. That's the breadth of service you would expect from a leader!

Bring this level of service to your supply chain. Go onlineor call 1-888-420-8960 for fast transportation service you can count on. 

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Industry News

Holiday retail sales exceed 2009 performance

person at cash registerAccording to the Dec. 27 MasterCard Advisors' SpendingPulse report, U.S. retail sales were up 5.5 percent during the holiday season, compared to the same period in 2009.

Contributing to the results were increases in apparel sales, up 11.2 percent compared to the prior year. Total e-commerce sales were up 15.4 percent.

Builder confidence remains steady but at a low level

Man hammering nails in joistA survey of builders' perceptions, the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) for December showed builder confidence for new, single-family homes at 16, the same as in November. The HMI score for the Northeast was up 12 points to 24 in December, while other regions saw declines: the Midwest was down 4 points to 13; the West was down 4 points to 11; and the South was down 1 point to 17.

Manufacturing output moves up in November

machineryThe December Federal Reserve report on Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization showed industrial production for November was up 0.4 percent, after declining 0.2 percent in October.

Manufacturing output for motor vehicles and parts was down; however, when excluding these categories, overall manufacturing output grew 0.7 percent. Overall capacity utilization rate reached 75.2 percent, a level still below its 1972–2009 average.

Trade deficit decreases in October

Man reading reportInformation released in December by the U.S. Census Bureau showed that the U.S. international trade deficit decreased from September to October to $38.7 billion with increases in exports and decreases in imports.

The October increase in exports was led by gains in industrial supplies and materials (up $2.6 billion) and foods, feeds and beverages (up $0.7 billion).

The October decrease in imports is primarily attributed to decreases in industrial supplies and materials (down $1.7 billion) and capital goods (down $0.9 billion).

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

FAQs regarding online scheduling and tracking

Woman using Holland websiteQ: I can't find the bill of lading I just submitted! How can I find it?
A: As a registered user of, you can schedule pickups and submit your bills of lading online. To find a previously submitted BOL, go to the shipping tab and click Bill of Lading. This will take you to the Create a Bill of Lading screen. Towards the bottom of the screen is the subheading, View Submitted BOLs. In this section, click the calendar icon to the right of the date window and select the date the BOL was created; then click View. You can then view, print or work with the bill of lading.

You also can search for bill of lading by entering information into the PRO Number, Origin ZIP, Destination ZIP or Carrier Name fields on the View Submitted BOLs screen.

Q: I'm waiting for a pickup, but the system doesn't show it as pending. Why is that?
A: The status of a pickup changes from "pending"" to "active" at the time the service center schedules the pickup.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Reddaway tractor-trailers in all seasons"As a kid, I was fascinated with trucks and dreamed of driving one," says David Faust, linehaul driver out of Seattle. "I was about seven years old and had an Instamatic camera, and I'd take pictures of dump trucks as they went down the street."

David's dream of driving came true, and his pictures of trucks grew into quite a collection with tens of thousands of images, some of which he shares on his website.

A professional driver for more than 26 years, the last 17 with Reddaway, David's photo collection features a wide range of makes, models, locations, weather conditions and service providers. "I'll get notes from people who see my photographs saying, 'I drove for that company,' or 'I remember my grandpa driving a truck like that, and seeing it brings back good memories.'"

David drives during the night and does not see customers all that often, but he knows what makes a good transportation company. "I've admired Reddaway over the years. We can get the freight out and down the road faster than others and that feels good," he says, adding, "We've fine-tuned the system, adapted to the economy, and kept the equipment up-to-date. It's the best job I've ever had, by far."

And the best part of the job? "Seeing the sunrises. Every day they're different, and they're beautiful!"

David is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Reddaway.

Experience Reddaway service for yourself: To schedule your next shipment, go to or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

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A Place Reddaway Calls Home


Phoenix highlighted on Arizona map, sites of interest"Phoenix is a city of contrasts. For the last 18 years, its population growth has outpaced the rest of the country. Today, Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the United States with a skyline that continually changes, growing to welcome the influx of new businesses, residents and seasonal visitors. And at almost 520 square miles, the Phoenix metro area is larger in geography than Los Angeles.

Leave the city, and you'll quickly remember that you're in the heart of the Sonoran Desert with the mountains, red-rock formations and assortment of cacti many have seen only in old Western movies.

Phoenix boasts more than 310 days of sunshine each year, average annual temperatures in the low-70s, 200 golf courses and dozens of luxurious resorts. It's no wonder tourism is the city's second largest "industry," following high-tech manufacturing.

Reddaway and it predecessor companies have been serving the Phoenix area since the 1970s. The 64-door service center with its cross-dock layout is one of the largest in the Reddaway network.

"Phoenix is a 'consumer' town, and there are a number of large distribution centers in the valley. Typically, we see more shipments coming in than going out," says Gail Shaw, service center manager.

Gail says that the city's extensive geography also adds a different dimension to the operation. "The greater Phoenix area is vast, and a portion of our business is moving shipments within the city.

"It's a genuine team effort to serve our customers," adds Gail. "Our team is experienced, conscientious, and we know our customers' needs come first."

For more information on our Phoenix service or to schedule a shipment, talk with a Customer Care representative at 1-888-420-8960 or go online to

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