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What's New at Reddaway

Best in the WestNext-day expertise: Best in the West!

Trust your shipments to Reddaway, the leader in next-day deliveries in the West.

With an extensive service center network in the vast Pacific Northwest, Southwest and inter-mountain region, Reddaway serves most areas in just one or two days. Canada and Alaska take just a little bit longer.

Within our service network, each of our service centers also delivers to a large local market area, giving you a great way to move your shipments across town—in some cases, same-day service is possible.

The secret to our success? Dedicated employees focused on delivering on-time, claim-free service.

To put next-day expertise to work for your supply chain, visit or call 1-888-420-8960.

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News & Other Services

Hour glass on moneyTime is money

Avoid missed sales or production-line interruptions with the velocity and precision of Reddaway expedited and guaranteed solutions.

We'll make sure your shipments arrive precisely when and where you need them.

Our wide range of guaranteed service options includes:

  • Window delivery with four levels of precision: single-hour, multiple-hours, single-day or multiple-day delivery windows
  • Before 9 a.m. delivery for a full day's access to the delivered shipments
  • Before noon delivery is great for morning delivery needs
  • Before 3:30 p.m. delivery gives you time to manage shipment deliveries the same day they arrive
  • Expedited delivery for the added peace of mind

In addition to your account manager, our Customer Care Team works with you to evaluate your shipping needs and create strategic, cost-effective solutions that are right for your business.

Or, as a registered shipper, you can get an instant quote and book the service that precisely fits your needs simply by going online to

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YRC Worldwide News

Successful bond exchangeYRC Worldwide successfully reaches thresholds in its debt-for-equity exchange offers

"The success of this note exchange marks a major turning point for YRC Worldwide—with our significantly restructured balance sheet and enhanced liquidity, we will move forward from a more solid financial foundation," stated Bill Zollars, chairman and CEO.
"Our comprehensive plan could not have been accomplished without the collective cooperation and continued support of our many stakeholders, including our lenders, our noteholders and our employees. We remain focused on delivering on our promise of Confidence Delivered for our customers."

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Industry News

U.S. manufacturing outperformed forecasts

Steel beam manufacturingIn December, U.S. manufacturing expanded at its fastest rate in three years. The Institute for Supply Management reported a 55.9 factory index, the highest since April 2006, and 23 points higher than its December 2008 low of 32.9 (readings over 50 reveal expansion).

This is consistent with manufacturing expansion reported in China and India.

End-user RFID budgets expected to increase in 2010

SatellitesAccording to an annual survey by ABI Research, 50 percent of end users that use, deploy, evaluate or pilot radio frequency identification technology projected that their budgets for the technology would increase this year.

The respondents cited "business process improvement" as the primary reason for implementing RFID.

Respondents also anticipate shorter ROI timeframes on their RFID investments.

End-user RFID budgets expected to increase in 2010

Traffic ConeThe Federal Highway Administration ended 2009 with its approval of the 10,000th highway project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

With this action, the FHA has allocated $21.8 billion of the $26.6 billion the bill authorized.

More broadly, the Department of Transportation has used Recovery Act money to finance more than 11,300 transportation projects, 7,600 of which are under way.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Get reports fast!

Reddaway home pageWhether you're looking at month-end, quarter-end, or year-end shipping activities, the feature-rich reporting capabilities of give you fast access to data, which can help you boost supply chain performance.

Shipment volume, contents, and service performance can be quickly analyzed geographically, seasonally and in comparison to past years.

Simply login at and go to the Report tab to request the service reports you need.

It's just that easy.

Not registered to access the secure tools?

That's easy, too.

Just go to and follow the instructions in the upper-left corner of the page.

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