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What's New at Reddaway

"Remote" possibilities!

Say ALoha with Reddaway Door-to-Door Service to Hawaii 1-888-420-8960Hawaii may be the most isolated population center on the face of the earth, but you can count on Reddaway to deliver "remote" possibilities with our new door-to-door Hawaii service.

With a single point of contact and single invoice that includes pickup at origin, drayage to the Port of Long Beach, trans-ocean transportation, final delivery and everything in between, we're pretty sure you'll be saying, "Aloha, Reddaway!"

Our Hawaii service features twice-weekly sailings from Long Beach and coverage of more than 98 percent of the Hawaiian population. You get the flexibility of a freight forwarder with the reliability of Reddaway!

You also get shipment tracking through Just call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

Reddaway makes shipping goods to Hawaii as stress-free as a remote island getaway.

Honored for safely serving customers!

LTL Safety AwardsFrom the twists and turns of the Rockies to the congestion of West Coast cities, Reddaway drivers travel some of the most dangerous highways in the nation.

That's why we are particularly pleased when we receive recognition for our safe driving.

Recently, two different state trucking associations honored Reddaway with their 2009 highway safety awards.

The California Trucking Association (CTA) presented Reddaway a third-place award in the LTL Short-Haul, Over Four-Million Miles category at its Fleet Safety Awards Banquet on April 7.

On March 26, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association awarded Reddaway third place in the "Fleet Safety for LTL Carriers Over Three-Million Miles" category.

At Reddaway, we take highway safety seriously. It is integral to our customer service, helping ensure our people and your shipments arrive on time and in good shape at shipping docks. It's also the right thing to do as we share the roads with the driving public.

We are extremely proud of our professional drivers in California, Colorado and throughout our Western-states geographic footprint. As our president, T.J. O'Connor, says, "Ensuring that we're working and driving safely is the foundation by which we deliver confidence to one another and our customers every day."

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News & Other Services

Spring ka-ching!

Not late. Not early. Right on time.After this cold, long winter, your retail customers are eager for the sweet sound of cash registers ringing up sales of home and garden supplies. 

But before your products ever make it off the truck, let alone into customers' shopping carts, many "big box" home and garden centers are requiring Must Arrive by Date (MABD) window deliveries.

MABD window deliveries demand precision from your transportation provider.

The Reddaway multiday window service delivers precisely that. Shipments arrive right on time, not early or late.

cartons on palletOur multiday window service is the only one of its kind to use technology to ensure deliveries are made when you need them. Our service handles delivery windows as precise as one hour on a specific day, or on multiple days.

For on-time service, damage-free shipping that keeps you compliant with your customers' delivery requirements and helps you better manage your scorecard, choose Reddaway. 

To learn more about our window delivery service, contact your Reddaway account manager or go online to get started today.

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Industry News

Crude oil prices at highest level in 17 months

Oil rigCrude oil prices have increased in response to signs of economic recovery indicated in data on U.S. jobs, home sales and non-manufacturing businesses.

Prices have risen approximately 65 percent over the past year.


ATA testifies before the House

CongressSpeaking before the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies, Senior Vice-president of the American Trucking Associations Tim Lynch warned that our nation's aging transportation infrastructure has "weakened the nation's competitive position relative to other countries."

He continued, "Failing to address growing congestion problems will cause costs to rise, translating into higher consumer prices and slower job growth. . ."

Durable goods orders continue to show improvements

airplane in flightFor the third straight month, durable goods orders in February were up, according to the Commerce Department.

The department attributed the increase in orders to increased demand for commercial aircraft, machinery and metals.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Work less, accomplish more at

Customer Care RepresentativeRecent enhancements to can save you time and effort when scheduling transportation.

Here's a quick overview of the new features available to registered users of the site:

  • Find user tips quickly now that they are in the tools. Simply click a question mark in a tool section header to read context-sensitive help.
  • Click Choose Location and select the desired address to change a default location when scheduling transportation.
  • Maintain a list of shipper, consignee and third-party contact information with our new Address Book tool in the Shipping Tools menu. In addition to managing and storing information, you can select address entries from your Address Book as you create your bill of lading (BOL).
  • Schedule a pickup at the same time you submit your online bill of lading; just click the Schedule Pickup box on the BOL screen.
  • Use our BOL tool and new Address Book to create BOLs for any carrier, not just Reddaway.

Not a registered user of Simply go to the registration page, complete your registration and click Submit registration.

That's all it takes to enjoy all the benefits of our interactive website.

Check it out for yourself at

Forgot your password? That's easy to fix, too!

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