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Celebrating 90 Years

In the early years, our business was based on the 16-mile trek from Portland to Oregon City, a lightning-fast two-hour trip. Over the next five decades, the Reddaway Truck Line grew to be the premier service provider in the Pacific Northwest. In 1971, under new ownership, aggressive expansion was the focus, bringing the Reddaway brand of service and performance farther along the I-5 corridor in OR and WA. In 1986, Reddaway made its first inroads into the CA market, later to open 13 strategically located service centers.

While our footprint has grown and now includes the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, inter-mountain regions, AK and BC, Reddaway remains committed to handling our customers' shipments with precision, velocity, and reliability.

Aged to perfection

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What's New at Reddaway

Improve Service and Reduce Overall Costs with Consolidation and Distribution Services

Eliminate delays and reduce costs associated with shipping and warehouse storage with new Consolidation and Distribution Services from Reddaway.

Let us show you how to maintain a smooth and efficient flow of products to and from your business, your customers, and your suppliers with our network of strategically placed and highly efficient service centers, the latest in technology, and an experienced and caring workforce.

The newest distribution service from Reddaway offers Monday delivery to most points throughout our network when we receive your truckload by 6:00 p.m., Sunday at Fontana, Portland or Salt Lake City.

Our network and cross-dock capabilities also let you consolidate shipments:

  • Reddaway picks up shipments from multiple vendors
  • Consolidates them into one larger shipment, and
  • Delivers the full-load shipment to your truckload carrier, private fleet truck or to your final destination.

Consolidation/Distribution diagram

We can handle your entire solution or select services to best meet your unique needs.

Talk with your Reddaway account manager about customizing our Consolidation and Distribution Services to meet your business needs.

Next-Day Service? We've Got It Covered!

Next-Day ServiceSo what does 500 miles of next-day coverage look like? Consider our Seattle service center as a typical example.

Then consider what 500 miles of next-day service can mean for your business! Instruct vendors to ship with Reddaway, and you can better manage your inventory levels with deliveries only a day away. Or be a hero to your customers with next-day deliveries they can count on.

Of course, if you need next-day deliveries to locations beyond 500 miles away, our expedited service can handle that, too.

Enter origin and destination ZIP codes on reddawayregional.com and see what 500 miles of next-day service can mean for your business.

Find Out What's New With an Old Friend—Reddaway!

Reddaway Tractor and trailersThere's a lot changing at Reddaway . . . and a lot that's staying the same.

In 1919, William Arthur Reddaway launched his trucking company in his hometown of Oregon City, OR, with a single Model T truck.

For the next 90 years, the Reddaway name meant high-quality service, on-time performance, claim-free shipping and entrepreneurial employees who have the regional expertise to make it happen. And that's not changing!

What is changing is our name. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we're going back to our heritage. That means going forward we'll be known simply as "Reddaway."

Today's Reddaway is part of YRC Worldwide, the industry leader in the transportation of large shipments. The company now includes over 3,500 employees and 62 service centers in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, and WY, as well as AK and BC.

Today, we're also introducing Reddaway Today, our new monthly electronic newsletter. Reddaway Today was created to give you ideas on how to better manage your supply chain. You'll find the latest news from Reddaway, recent industry news, and tips for making your life easier.

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Industry Information

IMF Sees Stronger Global Rebound

Hands exchanging dollarIn early July, the International Monetary Fund revised its forecast, predicting the global economic rebound next year will be stronger than it previously forecast. It cites stabilization in financial systems and moderation in the pace of contractions in the U.S. and Japan. While various international organizations report on financial trends, the IMF has been one of the most pessimistic of late, making its forecast change all the more encouraging.

Highway Safety Improves

Highway in a mountain valleyThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the number of truck-involved fatalities declined 12 percent in 2008, bringing it to the lowest level since the U.S. Department of Transportation began keeping those statistics in 1975. In addition, the NHTSA study also reveals that overall motor vehicle fatalities are down 9.7 percent--their lowest level since 1961.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Automatic Daily Tracking Brings Shipment Status to Your Email

You're Supporting Environmental Sustainability When You Ship with ReddawayIf knowledge is power, then our website's automatic daily tracking feature will make you a super hero!

Automatic daily tracking helps you stay on top of inbound shipments to better manage inventory and staffing levels. Or track outbound shipments and wow your clients with your customer service.

With our online automatic daily tracking, information on a shipment's status is delivered right to your email inbox. What's more, it's easy to set up!

  1. Visit reddawayregional.com and click the login box in the upper-left corner.
  2. Click Report It.
  3. In the Location Tracking section, click Create Subscriptions.
  4. Select In-transit or Shipped Yesterday, select Inbound or Outbound, then click Create Subscription; reports will be delivered automatically to your email address every day.

And remember, you can request multiple subscriptions, depending on your needs.

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News/Other Services

Reddaway Handles the Pressure

pine treesFor a prominent nursery supply company, the seasonal nature of its business means most orders ship to its retail customers in a two-to-three month time period. That's a lot of pressure for a transportation provider. As the company's primary shipping partner, we've got it under control.

Good communication, dedicated and professional people and fantastic sales support ensure products arrive at the stores and are on the shelves when customers are ready to shop.

Timely pickup and on-time delivery of each of the 2,000 monthly shipments Reddaway handles for this customer during its busy season are two more reasons why our partnership has lasted 14 years.

And with our regional expertise in the Pacific Northwest, Southwest and inter-mountain regions, Reddaway can handle this customer's far-reaching delivery needs.

To discover how Reddaway can deliver on the transportation pressure points in your supply chain, contact your account manager or call our Customer Care Group at

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