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Integrated URL Query Tracking Services

Use the URL and query string parameters described below to track a shipment from your desktop.

Please note: Parameter names are case-senstive.

Add a "?" to the URL, with an "&" in between each query string parameter. The following are query string parameters:

Track by Pro Number

  • proNumber (String)—1 to 10 Pro Number(s) separated by commas.

Example 1. Track One Pro Number

Example 2. Track Multiple Pro Numbers,847XXXXXX,294XXXXXX

Track by Bill Of Lading (BOL) or Purchase Order (PO) Number

Include an instance of the following three parameters for each shipment you want to track by BOL or PO. You may track 10 or fewer shipments at a time. If you track multiple shipments, all Tracking Numbers must be the same type, i.e., a single request cannot mix BOL and PO numbers.

  • bolNumber or poNumber (String)—BOL or PO Number(s).
  • ZP (String)—a 5-digit U.S. ZIP code or 3- or 6-character Canadian postal codes.

Example 3. Track One BOL Number

Example 4. Track Multiple BOL Numbers,6YYYY&ZP=53046,39168

Example 5. Track One PO Number

Example 6. Track Multiple PO Numbers,7YYYYYYY&ZP=53046,39168