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Reddaway helps reduce costly chargebacks or non-compliance fees.

Reddaway lets you deliver shipments whenever your retail customers require them. This flexibility helps you eliminate chargebacks by allowing you to control when you want your products delivered.

With many retailers imposing strict delivery requirements, Guaranteed Window service allows you to specify the beginning and end date of the purchase-order delivery window. We ensure that the retailer receives the shipment within your timeframe.

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Features and Benefits:

  • 2- to 5-day multiday window options by 5 p.m. or end of business day*.
  • Ensures shipments are received according to plan—they will not deliver early or late.
  • Enables retail suppliers to improve scorecard results and avoid the costs of noncompliance fees.
  • The service was specifically designed to provide consistent, on-time delivery for suppliers shipping to retailers with stringent window delivery requirements.
  • Reddaway developed its Guaranteed Window service in response to a major retailer's MABD delivery requirements. Reddaway has fine-tuned the service to meet retailer and supplier needs with a complete and integrated supply-chain solution.
  • Data integrity through EDI adds efficiencies to your entire process from order processing and pickup to delivery.
  • We have a long-term relationship with major retailers and understand their delivery requirements and the needs of suppliers shipping to these retailers.
  • Improved supply-chain efficiencies can lower costs and lead to more sales and favorable stocking positions for supplier's products.

Three easy options to request Guaranteed Window™ Service

Online pickup request:
and book Multiday Window
BOL sticker:
Simply check the Window option
and supply the window dates
Write on BOL:
Write “Guaranteed Window Between”
and provide the window range on the BOL

* The Reddaway standard service date must be before or within the customer defined multiday delivery window. The window cannot begin more than three days after the standard service date.