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Get products on the shelves with greater speed and reliability. Improve scorecards and order processing. Reddaway is the choice for retailers and vendors.

Reddaway is the preferred transportation provider for the country’s leading retailers.

We can help you turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage. Reddaway starts by understanding delivery requirements, from a retailer’s compliance policy to its scorecard process. We then adhere to a proven delivery system that ensures shipments are received according to plan. Because when vendors meet retail delivery requirements, it drives better scores, more sales and higher profitability.

What’s more, our industry-leading next-day reliability ensures that your products are on the sales floor at the featured time — and in perfect condition. Whether you use standard or guaranteed, all Reddaway services are backed by our long-standing reputation for damage-free delivery.

As a preferred carrier, Reddaway provides these benefits:

Benefits to Vendors

Our Account Executives can help retail suppliers understand retailer requirements and exactly how to meet them.

  • Priority scheduling and deliveries
  • Improved scorecards
  • Reduced chargebacks and penalties
  • New opportunities for product placement
  • Reduce outstanding sales balances
  • Avoid unnecessary air-freight charges

Benefits to Retailers

Our Retailers experience faster movement of product, as well as less out-of-stock situations and receiving interruptions.

  • Pre-sorted product = accelerated handling
  • High visibility for inbound planning
  • Inventory control
  • Automation to reduce administrative costs
  • Fewer providers requiring dock deliveries
  • Customer service - tracking by reference number

Reddaway offers a wide range of services to meet retail delivery requirements:


When information flows fast, so do your products. Our powerful e-commerce technologies are aimed at answering your needs for controlling inventory, planning distribution and accelerating your supply chain.

Personalize your online experience

When you register for a personalized account, you gain access to tools that can help you streamline administrative processes, allowing more time for profit-generating activities. Features for automating and centralizing logistics include:

  • Status information by purchase order number
  • View detailed transit time and customized rate quotes.
  • Create, save, and print bills of lading and submit online pickup requests.
  • View images of your shipping documents including Bill of Lading, Delivery Receipt, Corrected Bill of Lading and Weight and Inspection tickets.
  • Use our Reports tool to subscribe to receive weekly, monthly or one-time service reports and/or daily status reports on your active shipments in our system..
  • Customized status updates by email

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

When you use EDI, you can customize data exchange between our companies to match reference numbers and PO numbers — a perfect tool to combat invoice deductions. Holland supports all primary EDI protocols for seamless integration into your customers’ supply chains.

Reddaway is an approved carrier for several retail industries, including home and garden, food, drug, apparel and major big-box discounters.

We can meet the unique needs of your retail supply chain. Demand-driven retailers require flexible suppliers to fill the most challenging orders. We’ll help you speed your responsiveness, so you profit from current opportunities while focusing on the next market trend.

Benefits of shipping with Reddaway include:

  • Accelerated order-to-cash cycle
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Reduced administrative costs

Reddaway provides:

  • More next-day lanes than any competitor in the region
  • Highly reliable on-time performance
  • One of the lowest claim ratios in the industry - 99.8% of shipments delivered damage-free