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Listen as Jennifer King, vice president of Rhino Metals, Inc., discusses how Reddaway Consolidation & Distribution helped provide Rhino with damage-free, on-time delivery

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See how Holland helped HON.

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  • Western United States and Canada
Eliminate delays and reduce shipping and storage costs.
Shipping costs typically reflect the size of the shipment and the distance the shipment travels. So Reddaway consolidates less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments and distributes them to multiple locations to lower your per-unit transportation costs. We even partner with our sister companies Holland and New Penn to offer you flexible solutions that add efficiencies and responsiveness.
Improve the efficiency of your supply chain.
Our extensive regional network, cross-dock capabilities and experienced workforce create cost-effective solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Improve your service

Maintain a smooth and efficient flow of products to and from your business, customers and suppliers.

  • On-time reliability and quality handling
  • Fast transit times for quicker delivery
  • Accurate and timely information
  • Single-source control
  • Flexible transportation solutions

Reduce overall costs

Time is money, and we understand how important it is that you save both.

  • Decrease shipping and warehouse costs
  • Faster inventory turns for improved cash flow
  • Fewer delivery exceptions and claims
  • Compressed order cycle time
  • Simplified paperwork

Enhance customer satisfaction

You get the service you want, when you want it and where you want it.

  • Customized solutions
  • Industry-leading on-time and claim-free service
  • Secure, customized Web access 24x7
What is the difference between Consolidation and Distribution services?
Consolidation example

Consolidation service provides for the delivery of your goods departing from many origins within a geographic region and delivering to one destination (many to one). A customized solution for consolidation service may translate to LTL pickups from multiple origins, which are then consolidated into one truckload shipment to move to the single destination.

Distribution example

Distribution service provides for the delivery of your goods departing from one origin and delivering to many destinations within a geographic region (one to many). A customized solution for distribution service may translate to a truckload move (or partial truckload move) of multiple LTL shipments from the origin to a service center, where the freight will then be distributed via LTL to multiple destinations.