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Reddaway Presented with Destination Green Environmental Excellence

We've all heard the term "carbon footprint." It's the way we measure how much carbon dioxide is created when we burn fossil fuel (coal, gas and oil). Individuals and companies trying to improve the environment use their carbon footprint as a measure of progress.

At Reddaway, administrative assistant Denise Richards helped us take a giant stride in reducing our footprint and being more "green" with our operations.

Denise took the wheel of a project to improve the lighting in our Portland shop. The primary goal was to improve safety by eliminating dark areas but the new, more-efficient light fixtures also dramatically reduced energy use. Based on the success in Portland, the project expanded to include other Reddaway facilities.

Three of the initial projects demonstrated the marked benefits of the lighting upgrade--annual energy savings and 200 fewer tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Those benefits are in addition to the greatly improved safety created by the brighter work areas. Denise's success was recognized with a YRC Worldwide Destination Green Environmental Excellence Award.

"I was really excited to take on this project," said Denise. "I joked with my boss that it was 'my chance to shine.' I learned a lot about the quality and costs of different types of lighting. It's exciting that the upgraded lighting is making our shops, terminals and yards brighter and safer while reducing our energy use."

Four projects have been completed so far. Work is underway at another Reddaway terminal, and four more are being evaluated for lighting upgrades.