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Every day Reddaway employees go above and beyond for our customers – making sure deliveries arrive safely, on time and damage-free. Here's what a few customers had to say...

We’d like to hear from you too. Share your stories about the Reddaway team members who have made a positive impact!

Richard Whitaker
Customer Service/Claims FON terminal

I called the FON Terminal seeking assistance with a customer's shipment, and Richard set aside what he was working on to help me take care of my customer and lcoate their shipment. Richard and I were able to quickly resolve the issue, thanks to him taking my call and acting quickly, despite working at an extremely busy terminal. Thank you, Richard! !

Paul Taylor

The outstanding attitude of Paul Taylor, deserves praise. He demostrated excellent care of his customers. I have never written a review for a driver before, but my experience with him definitely, warrent a review. He sets the standards for all other drivers. Great Job, Reddaway!

Gary Powell

I've been in shipping for over 25 years and have never known a driver to help unload and load when delivering and picking up. Gary arrives and immediately is loading his truck by hand and pallet jack. He also has a great attitude and is always upbeat with smile. We all need more employees that exemplify his positive attitude.

Teresa Rockwell
Area Manager for Eastern WA

Best customer service ever! If we have a problem, he will help.

Vicky Williams
corporate account specialist

Shout out to Vicky Williams. She is a constant support for the 3PL team. She does great work and follows up on issues until they are resolved. Keep up the great work Vicky. You make my job a lot easier. Thank you.

Chico Maldonado

Chico is one of the best drivers that services our facility. He is always there when needed, making pickups when other drivers can not make it to us on time! Always willing to go the extra mile to service the customers on his route! Great attitude and personality. Pleasure to work with.

Ryan Buscher
pricing analyst

Every time I need help with Pricing issues, Ryan goes above and beyond. I have had several difficult pricing issues with a particular customer and he has been so helpful in resolving the issues in a very timely matter! Ryan is definitely an asset to Reddaway as well as YRCW and it is always a pleasure working with him. Thank you Ryan

Loring Dana
Operations Supervisor

Anytime I have ever had a question or concern about a shipment, Loring is very helpful and always provides me with the information and answer I need. He is a great resource and asset to both me, as your customer, and for your company. He always has a positive attitude and the willingness to make it happen.

Mark Sanson
Pricing Manager

Mark is an amazing asset to Reddaway, he is my pricing manager in the corporate 3pl channel, and is simply amazing. He is very responsive, attentive to details, and strives to be the best with every transaction. We could not do our jobs without him working with our team. He is the reason that we are gaining business, revenue! He is simply the best!

Phil Polster

I'm the office manager of a roofing company, and our shipments almost always require the use of our forklift, so they can't just be dropped off in a side yard if nobody is here. We're open 9-3 and I'm usually here by myself. Phil is great about calling me when he knows he can't get here by 3, and gives me an ETA so I can either plan to stay late or arrange for one of our crew to be here. I think it's very thoughtful and helpful of him to go this extra step to help me keep things running smoothly. He is extremely friendly and obviously cares about doing a great job in every aspect.

Grant Whinery

Grant is an excellent example of what an employee should be like. He goes above and beyond to make sure we receive the best service possible. Our dock closes at 4 pm and Grant rarely misses the deadline. If he is going to run late he will always call us to make sure it is alright. While we always try to accommodate if for some reason we would not be able to stay late he will make sure he gets here. Grant never complains about his job as we have experienced with many other drivers. He is always willing to help put stickers, packing slips or what ever we need to get the loads going and always does it with a smile. If not for Grant, we probably would not use Reddaway exclusively. I wish I had a dozen employees like him.

Susan Conrad
corporate account specialist
Shout out to Susan Conrad. Her support on the 3PL support team in invaluable. She makes my daily work easier by handling report requests at the last minute to checking on shipments in the RETL foot print. Thank you for all you do Susan.
Danny Valdivia

Danny has been terrific picking up our boxes for Amazon. We are upstairs with no elevator and normally have between 12 and 20 individual boxes. Danny arrives, ready for a workout, and finishes the job in record time. He is always friendly and positive. We are so grateful! When Reddaway is assigned to pick up our shipment, we can relax and know all will go well.

Alex Stephens
Straight truck trainer and lead

Alex is the number one reason I came to Reddaway. Not just because of the pay, but because of the kind of person Alex is. Alex offered me an open position and it means more than words could express for myself and my family. Alex works hard and deserves to be recognzed.

Abraham Ayon Salcido

Since being assigned to our route, Abe has never been late or missed a pick up. He arrives early almost every time and will even show up if he is in the area to see if our pick up is ready. It is reassuring to know when we place a pick up with Reddaway, Abe is going to pick up in timely fashion and we won't be left waiting like some other trucking companies. Abe is the best driver there is!

Kirk Helzer
Corporate Pricing Analyst

I would like to show appreciation for my Corporate Pricing Manager, Kirk Helzer. Kirk has been in the industry a long time and fully recognizes how to treat a customer. Kirk takes the time to spell out the details as to where we need price increases and why. This makes my job a lot easier when dealing with the customer. Also, Kirk is not afraid to do the right thing, especially when a large account is on the line, when it comes to pricing negotiations. Kirk would rather go past the due date of a rate increase, just to make sure we are getting it right. Otherwise, Kirk is always timely and provides knowledgeable and thoughtful proposals well in advance. I really appreciate Kirk as my Corporate Pricing Manager, and would like to recognize him for his knowledge, experience and dedication to doing the right thing for Reddaway and the customer.

Bonnie Nelson
account manager

I have known Bonnie from my previous employer and she provides the same outstanding service to our account here at Scentsy as she had previously. She goes above and beyond to make sure our freight is picked up and delivered on time. She is a true industry professional and always take care of any problems that arise. We really appreciate her attention to detail and follow up!

Bruce Parsons

Bruce is a great driver, who is always smiling and has a great attitude. We are very thankful for him, and the information that he has provided. He is always up to date with the newest regulations, and has been a very helpful with any questions we have had.

Sean Heasley
terminal manager

We hear a lot about teamwork - Sean walks the talk. Anytime I am struggling, trying to understand why a shipment handled certain way - Sean always takes time to help explain. When I was on vacation a large customer sent an email inquiry directly to Sean. He saw a need and stepped up to the plate. Answered customer directly and effectively. Sean has a good attitude every day and has the ability to motivate people. Sean's even handed temperament deserves praise. I have not once seen Sean in a bad mood or refuse to help other employees. He has played a big role in developing a positive and happy culture. I am grateful Sean is a co-worker. Sean does Make it Happen at Reddaway.

Carlos Salazar
Operations Supervisor

We received a request for 81 pallets, a total of 4 trailers of freight to be picked up from our 3PL's customer Global Freight Solutions in Carson, CA. Carlos kept us informed and was very quick to respond to any inquiries we received from the customer, even calling with updates. Carlos went above and beyond for our 3PL and their client. He is a perfect example of why Reddaway is an amazing partner for us in the 3PL channel. We couldn't do this without people like Carlos.

Dean Jenks
Local Driver

I have had the pleasure of working with Dean for the last 15-17 years at Camp Chef. He has always been so friendly and kind. If I have had a last minute shipment, I can always call him and he will come back to load it. He is always willing to help anyone and do it with a smile on his face. He made my job easier. Today is my last day, I'm retiring. I'm going to miss his smiling face everyday. He is totally awesome to work with. There needs to more drivers like Dean in this world.

Steve Wise
Terminal Manager

This guy is a company man. He always takes my call and is willing to help any way he can--whether it's an A.M. delivery, lost freight found or even billing errors caused by the receiving terminal. You are lucky to have Steve on your team.

Doug Stubbs
Local Driver

I have worked at House of Clean since 2001 and have dealt with Doug from the beginning. We ship pallets of product out each week from our Bozeman warehouse to our Missoula warehouse. Doug will actually call me if he doesn't see a pick up request come through for us, which is extremely helpful when I forget to mark the "Schedule Pickup" when doing my BOL online.

Bruce Parsons
Local Driver

We just love it when Bruce pulls up with a big smile on his face. He is always very personable and willing to give whatever help is needed with our shipments. We couldn't ask for better service than Bruce provides for us. :)