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Address Book Tutorial

Add Entries

  1. Enter all the information you want to maintain in your online address book.
    Note: Bold type and asterisks indicate Required fields.
  2. Click Add Location; the entry screen reappears, having all the fields cleared. A confirmation message indicates that your entry has been added, and the number of entries shown at the top-right increases by one. The entry you added is available for your immediate use in Bill of Lading.

Tip: Click Clear all to clear all the fields.


You have a couple of options by which you can search:

  • Click Search with all fields blank to see a list of all your entries.
  • Enter complete information into one of the fields to filter your list by the information in that field. Results matching your search criteria appear in the list.

Maintain Your Address Book

  • Select All and Unselect All help you quickly select/unselect all the addresses in your Address Book.
  • Click Modify in the left-most column of the row of the entry you need to change; your entry should appear in the fields at the top of the display, and a new button—Update location— will be at the lower left of the fields. Update the information as needed, then click Update location to save the changes.
  • Click a column heading to sort your results by that type of information. Click the same heading again to reverse the sort order.
  • Select a box or boxes in the left-most column, then click Delete to remove address(es) from your Address Book.