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Press Release: Reddaway Continues its Support for Veterans by Partnering with PaYS Program

TUALATIN, Ore., Aug. 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reddaway, a premier LTL service provider in the western United States and western Canada, expanded its support of the U.S. Military by collaborating with the U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program.  PaYS provides America's youth with an opportunity to serve their country while also preparing for their future. 



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"It's an honor for Reddaway to be selected to participate in this program," said Reddaway CEO and President T.J. O'Connor.  "We admire the commitment by the Army, our employees, the recruits and by those who have served our country and customers so well."

This new partnership comes just 18 months after Reddaway paired with Hiring Our Heroes and FASTPORT to hire 150 veterans.  Currently, Reddaway employs nearly 200 veterans and is excited to expand this number with the Army PaYS program.

"Reddaway has always had a strong involvement with our Armed Forces," added O'Connor.  "A number of veterans currently work for us at all different levels of our organization.  They have proven to be very dependable and top-performing employees. They make a great addition to Team Reddaway and share many of our core values - commitment to country, to our customers, to safety and to one another."

Recently, Reddaway hosted representatives from the United States Army, the United States ArmyRecruiting Command (USAREC), and the Portland Battalion, along with Lt. Col. Kevin Runkle who administered the Oath of Enlistment to Future Soldiers.

The PaYS Program, which began in 2000 as an enlistment incentive for regular Army enlisted soldiers, entered into its 599th partnership last week.  The PaYS Program partners with a cross-section of private industry, academia, businesses and state and local public institutions.  Employer participation and commitment are key to the program's success.

As part of the program, soldiers select a PaYS partner during their enlistment process and two PaYS partner job opportunities.  Interviews are guaranteed to PaYS soldiers upon completion of their training and/or first term of service.  Reddaway will have the opportunity to mentor these individuals and help them build better civilian job-seeking skills as they transition to private employment.

"This program identifies future soldiers who are thinking about their civilian life after military service," said Runkle.  "They enter the military knowing that they will gain skills and experience with the Army that will lead to a quality civilian career."